Babies sleep better

Sleeping on woollen underlays helps babies sleep more peacefully. The texture and thermo attributes of wool are thought to reduce stress in sleeping infantsi.

Research has shown that newborns sleeping on wool underlays spend 8% less time making minor movements, 14% less time making major movements and are less than half as likely to cry when sleeping on woollen underlays compared to cottonii.

Restful sleep promotes healthy growth and sleeping on wool has been shown to positively influence weight gain in underweight newbornsiii,iv.

Pilot programs of Merino wool sleeping bags for babies report newborn parents saying their babies slept better when in a Merino wool sleeping bag compared with other products.

Adults wearing wool fell asleep in just 12 minutes compared with 22 and 27 minutes for those wearing polyester or cotton.
The University of Sydney

Adults sleep better

Wearing wool sleepwear and using wool bedding and underlays improves the quality of sleep for adults. This is beneficial because sleep quality and the ability to regulate body temperature decrease with age.

Wool has superior thermal insulation, moisture transport and buffering properties compared with other fibre types, making it more comfortable to sleep in.

Wool blankets

The comparative thermo-physiological advantages of wool blankets compared to cotton/acrylic blend blankets have been shown by Umbachix using laboratory measurements and human sleep studies.

The author concluded wool blankets demonstrated better thermal insulation, moisture transport, and moisture buffering than the cotton/acrylic blanket. It was thought these properties promoted a “refreshing restorative sleep” through increased warmth and reduced loss of heat, positively influencing blood flow, reducing symptoms as circulation increased

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