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  • Wearing scarf vs. mask.


    Coronavirus: should everyone be wearing face masks?

    “I think the guidance we’re expecting to hear that people wearing a face mask is a voluntary activity, not mandated, makes sense and certainly makes a lot of sense to focus limited resources that we have at the moment on those who have greatest need and that’s the health professionals.”

    He said people with common viruses and colds might want to wear a mask in public once restrictions had been lifted further down the line.

    He said: “This sophisticated kit is likely to be more rigorous, more useful, but actually it’s perfectly reasonable to wear a bandanna around your mouth or whatever, that will work. It won’t be quite as good but it will be good enough given the evidence you’re not protecting yourself by wearing these masks unless you happen to be coughing and spluttering.”

  • Wearing Lamb's wool can be good for your health.

    Wearing lamb's wool may be good for your health.